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    Written over 50 years ago


Street Smarts

Street Smarts is a service for people that are homeless but can't be accommodated at our Merthyr Tydfil hostel due to lack of room.  About 70% of people that present fall into this category. Rather than just expect people to come back, we wanted to do something a bit more pro-active.

Street Smarts was born and can be used to:-

  • Broker temporary housing with landlords, family members etc
  • Arrange mediation with your landlord
  • Sign posting for support for non housing related issues eg Drug or Alcohol misuse
  • Refer to specialised supporting housing  
  • Apply for social and private sector housing
  • Provoide a 'care of' address for other agency referrals
  • Apply for grants or loans
  • Advise about maximising income and benefits
  • Access shower facilities
  • Access clothes washing facilities
  • Get a hot snack and drink
  • Advise about rough sleeping
  • Get a sleeping bag

The service can be accessed in Merthyr Tydfil and you can make an appointment on 01685 722727.